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Benchmark CANLON | Innovation Leadership -- CANLON was awarded the title of "Small Giant Enterprise in Jiangsu Province".

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Recently, CANLON received the honorary medal of Jiangsu Small Giant Enterprise (manufacturing category) from the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu Province, becoming another new member of the "Small Giant" family in Jiangsu Province.


The "Small Giant" enterprises are identified by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, aiming to enable small and medium-sized enterprises in the province to take the identified enterprises as a benchmark, focus on product innovation, product quality improvement and brand cultivation, continuously improve their specialization capabilities and enhance their core competitiveness.


Under the precise services and policy support of the industry and information departments at all levels, the identified enterprises will continue to develop and grow, and continue to contribute to the construction of a "strong manufacturing province".


The title of "Small Giant Enterprise of Jiangsu Province" is an important milestone achieved by CANLON's persistence in taking the road of differentiation, based on the competitive advantages of polymer fields and continuous innovation and breakthrough. CANLON will take this as an opportunity and motivation to continue to and continuously improve the independent innovation ability and technology research and development strength, to promote the high-quality development of China's construction quality.


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