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2020 Scientific and Technological Achievements Special Transformation Action --CANLON Experience Sharing

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On August 13, Mr. Li Zhongren, CEO of CANLON shares led the team to participate in the scientific and technological innovation enterprise (entrepreneurs) cultivation plan and the 2020 scientific and technological achievements special transformation action, co-hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch, Shanghai National Technology Transfer Center, and Shanghai Science Innovation Incubation Center.


Article outline

1. Introduction of 2020 Scientific and Technological Achievements Special Transformation Action

2. CANLON's experience sharing


1. Introduction of 2020 Scientific and Technological Achievements Special Transformation Action

The country’s implementation of innovation-driven development strategy through strengthening institutional reforms, and the establishment of science and technology innovation board have brought historic opportunities for technology-based enterprises with core technologies and scientific and technological workers with independent research and development capabilities. The core momentum for future industrial market development will transform from entrepreneurial entrepreneurship based on market guidance to entrepreneurship based on science and technology.

The "Science and Innovation Entrepreneur Cultivation Program" was initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch and hosted by the Shanghai National Technology Transfer Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, aims to deeply integrate the hard-core technologies (projects) of scientists, the mature market channels of entrepreneurs, and the strong capital of investors through investment in hard-core projects, customized key technologies, and project mergers and acquisitions, etc., to create an "iron triangle" for future industrial development. ", change lanes and overtake.

2.CANLON's experience sharing

At the meeting, Mr. Li shared the rapid development history of CANLON shares, and reported the company's related work in transforming technological achievements into market benefits . It was proposed that the core of the technology development strategy of CANLON shares is the continuous innovation ability. For the guests present, CANLON team described in detail how the company has comprehensively cultivated core elements such as strategy, market, capital, talents, and technology to help "hardcore CANLON" reach a new level.

As the first GEM listed company in China's waterproofing industry, CANLON shares has been making continuous independent research and development and innovation breakthroughs on the product side, and always firmly grasps the core technology of polymer products in this sub-field, in order to stand out from the competition in the waterproofing industry.


CANLON is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and construction services of waterproof materials. It has been rated as the preferred supplier of China's top 500 real estate companies for many years. The company pioneered MBP Pro Pre applied Waterproofing Membrane and white anti-sagging Likfix Waterproofing Coating in China, filling the technical gap of the industry and leading the transformation and upgrading of the industry. We also provide Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane, MBP Pro Pre applied Waterproofing Membrane and MPU Waterproofing Coating, welcome to contact us.

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